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Mindfuless Tweets Thursday

Lets find some #mindfulness on twitter. "Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons." ~ Ruth Schabacker #mindfulness — Everyday Mindfulness (@mindfuleveryday) March 6, 2014 Our minds are like projectors that constantly… Continue reading

Who Am I and What Is This Blog?

I’m taking part in the Zero to Hero challenge to help improve my blog here and see where that takes me. I have already been blogging here since May but there is always… Continue reading

Lets Make 2014 Happier!

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the start of 2014 and it’s a traditional time to make resolutions to make new habits or break old ones. This is a hard thing to do. ‘Old habits… Continue reading

Overtraining And Adrenal Fatigue

Recently I learned another new term reading WordPress. “Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome” caused by excessive dieting and exercising. This is something that seems to happen to fitness and bodybuilding competitors in the attempt to… Continue reading

A Confession: Failing Good Habits

Over the past few months I have been building good habits but the past few weeks have not been so good. I have no excuses. Going to bed earlier has not been happening.… Continue reading

Using Mindfulness to Control Anger

I re-blogging this. I find mindfulness techniques I learned from Russ Harris do really help me to step away from my anger and not feel it so much. You observe your anger as… Continue reading

Everyday Mindfulness

I like this tweet from Everyday Mindfulness @mindfuleveryday #mindfulness You are enough. You have enough. You do enough. Which is really reassuring. 🙂 I don’t think I did any mindfulness meditation yesterday. Which… Continue reading

Lovely Evening

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus “Share a panorama or landscape in sharp focus, in which you can see details far away.”   The other day I cycled down to the tide mill and looked… Continue reading

3 Quick Things I do to be Happier

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write For a while now I have been reading books and blogs about happiness. Which is what people are generally striving for whether it is by having more… Continue reading

Free Mindfulness Meditation mp3

Science on TV has demonstrated that daily mindfulness meditation can make you a more optimistic, happy person. https://jakekuyser.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/mindfulness-on-tv/ . Having seen that you might wonder how to do this mindfulness. It’s not difficult. Here’s… Continue reading

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