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Meditating Every Week, Every Day

I want to start meditating regularly again. I think it’s good for my health and my happiness. I was practicing mindfulness every day but life happens and that’s slipped but I want to… Continue reading

Why Is Mindfulness Meditation So Good For Us?

Mindfulness meditation is a relaxation technique that is growing in popularity. It can be as simple as just sitting for a few minutes and being aware of how you are feeling and what… Continue reading

Mindfulness Tweets Thursday

Some #mindfulness from twitter to improve your day: Sometimes we don't see the world as it truly is, we see it how we are. #mindfulness — Everyday Mindfulness (@mindfuleveryday) March 13, 2014 Remember… Continue reading

Mindfuless Tweets Thursday

Lets find some #mindfulness on twitter. "Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons." ~ Ruth Schabacker #mindfulness — Everyday Mindfulness (@mindfuleveryday) March 6, 2014 Our minds are like projectors that constantly… Continue reading

Mindfulness Tweets Tuesday

How about some tweets about #mindfulness. All beings seek happiness, so let your compassion extend itself to all. Mahavamsa #quotes #mindfulness #oneness #kindness #love #spirit — ACT on it – Charity (@ArtOfAcceptance) February… Continue reading

Who Am I and What Is This Blog?

I’m taking part in the Zero to Hero challenge to help improve my blog here and see where that takes me. I have already been blogging here since May but there is always… Continue reading

Lets Make 2014 Happier!

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the start of 2014 and it’s a traditional time to make resolutions to make new habits or break old ones. This is a hard thing to do. ‘Old habits… Continue reading

Nice Evening for a Run

I went out for a run last night and it was lovely outdoors. I’m grateful to be able to go out and enjoy the fresh air wile it is still light and warm… Continue reading

A Confession: Failing Good Habits

Over the past few months I have been building good habits but the past few weeks have not been so good. I have no excuses. Going to bed earlier has not been happening.… Continue reading

Awesome Quotes about Mindful Living

I found a page of 20 Awesome Quotes about Mindful Living. It’s inspiring stuff! http://awesomelyawake.com/20-awesome-quotes-about-mindful-living/   This is perhaps my favourite one: “The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy… Continue reading

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