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Del Amitri Boscombe, Bournemouth 2014. Men And Objects.

. For a short time the men strode the stage, singing and swinging musical axes. In that time they became idols, objects of desire. The women lusted after them and the men wished to be them.… Continue reading

An Honest Video Game Review Gets Censored on Youtube

“On the 18th of October, the developer of Day One Garry’s Incident issued a copyright strike against my channel, effectively censoring the criticism of their game. This is an account of what happened… Continue reading

Morrisons Vegetable Lasagne Review

I ate a ready meal. I don’t know why I bought it. Well I do. It caught my eye as I was buying frozen vegetables. It caught my eye and winked at me like a… Continue reading

We Watched: The Internship

Last week I got an email from Odeon cinemas offering a preview screening of ‘The Internship’ for a small amount of ‘Premier Points’. Sounds like a bargain I thought. So we decided to… Continue reading

Game I Played: Waking Mars

Waking Mars This weekend I have mostly been playing Waking Mars the game on my Tablet. And I even finished it. I’ve been hooked on it but not too much. BRING A SLEEPING… Continue reading

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