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Photography 101: Bliss

Photography 101: Bliss “Ah, bliss. What does this word mean or look like to you?” I’m grateful to have a comfortable bed with fresh new bedding and enough time to get a good… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sleep Habit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit Lately my habit has been leaving my bed like this, unoccupied, until late. When I say lately, I mean staying up late has been a habit of a lifetime… Continue reading

Take Sleep Seriously

I watched this interesting TED talks video about the importance of sleep. It should never be regarded as a waste of time. He says that lack of sleep leads to: Poor creativity (bad… Continue reading

Getting More Sleep

I posted recently about going to sleep earlier and I have been progressively going to be earlier. My internet is on a timer and goes off at 10.30 and I have a daily… Continue reading

How to get more sleep.

Like many modern folk I wake most mornings feeling tired and unready for the day ahead. The simple answer to this is to go to bed earlier. But how do I make myself… Continue reading

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