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Etoro: Newbie Review / Guide / Referral

I’ve been using Etoro for a few years and it’s my go to place for trading and investing. The website is really easy to use, there is a nice app, so you can… Continue reading

Etoro: How to Find and Copy Successful Traders

This is a longer post as I go through my process of investing my money in copy trading. I’ve known about it for a relatively long time but it’s taken me ages to… Continue reading

Are Gold and precious metals a good investment in 2019?

Someone asked the question on Quora and I answered on there. I thought it would be good to expand on my answer here. It’s always a good idea to have a small %… Continue reading

Coinbase Referral Bonus: get $10 of free bitcoin after buying and selling at least $100 worth of crypto

As per the title. If you join using my link you can get $10(£7) bitcoin after trading a minimum of $100. You could also refer your friends to earn further rewards. It’s pretty… Continue reading

Ethfinex Technical Analysis Day

Thanks to Ethfinex for a great day Networking & Learning Technical Analysis yesterday. Hi to everyone I met as well! What a beautiful building as well: A privilege to be there!

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