Happiness Instead



A mother and daughter sat by a carved figure of a dragon. The smiling girl wrapped her arms around the wooden dragon’s head. “I love you, happy dragon!”

“Don’t be silly Anne. It’s just a piece of wood.”

“Silly mummy. Dragon does love us.”

“Lets take a selfie with her. Smile!” *Click* *Flash*

“Hmmmm. Ummmm. What? Ohhhhh. What? What do you want? I’m sleeping!”

Mother and daughter look at each other. “The dragon… spoke? Ohhh, it’s a wind up! It must be some kind of trick. Has someone left a phone here? Is there a hidden speaker?”

“What is that flashing device? Some kind of magic?”

“It’s just my phone! Mummy, dragon is speaking”


“My name is Liathara and you woke me up with your flashing.. err.. phone. How very rude.”

“It’s a clever trick. I can’t see a speaker or anything. Very smart… Liathara, you nearly had us fooled!”

“Well, how about this for a trick? HARRUMPH!” Fire coughs from the dragon’s mouth.

“OH MY GOSH THATS HOT. Anne, back away!

“Are you OK? I’m sorry. I haven’t done that in oh so long. Please don’t run away.”


“Look, ahh. OK.” The dragon seemed to change and move. There was an old woman sitting there, stretching and yawning. She smiled at the startled pair.


“Please sit down. Repeat after me. “I am Liathara of Woodley and I feel no fear. You’re not Liathara. I am. With your own name. Louder.”


“Good. Very good. I really am sorry. Now. Feel happier.”

Mother and daughter smile at each other. “We do feel happy. How did you do that?”

“When I was very young like you, my world was frightening. Wolves, bears, dragons and, worst of all, men.”

“That sounds horrid, doesn’t it mummy?”

“I became frightening myself.”

“Yes, that does sound awful.”

“After many years I found I could spread happiness instead. So I sleep and I spread the happy.”

“That sounds much nicer.”


“I bid you good night.”

Liathara disappears…

“Mummy, will daddy believe us?”

“About what?”


I wrote this little story for Flash Friday Flashversary. Please look there for all the other entries! Thanks for the inspiration!