Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Full Moon

One cold, clear night we saw the full moon hanging in the sky as if weightless. It looked so large, just hanging there like a gigantic beach ball.

The Moon

I used my camera to try and zoom in and get more detail. It’s not that often you see a full moon with a nearly clear sky.

I’ve not been posting that much to my blog in 2015. Much of my energy was spent on getting married, which is quite a weighty event. It is to me anyway as, to me, it really means a lifetime commitment to be bound to another person. After that I felt like I owed myself some ‘time off’ from trying too hard to be a writer, a better person etc..

I’m already better off by sharing my home with someone I love. I feel like a better, more substantial, person for being married to that love. As a married man I feel like I have more weight, more gravitas. It’s good.

Maybe I will write more in 2016. 🙂