#bloganuary 6: Inspirational Bloggers

Todays prompt is:

Recently I had a very helpful comment on my blog from someone called ‘Xingfu Mama’, so I had a look at their website and I find myself inspired! They have been blogging for a few years like I have but doing a lot better at it by the look of it and I’m hoping to get some good ideas where to go with my blog from looking at what they have done. Here is the website: https://xingfumama.blog/2022/01/05/where-do-i-even-start/

I get lots of inspiration from ‘Cee’s Photo Challenges’. Her photos have given me ideas for the garden as well as inspiring me to make more of my own photos and post them on my own blog here. My FOTD (Flower of the Day inspired by Cee) posts get a few views and a few likes and sometimes make me wonder if I can make money from photos. Thanks Cee for inspiring me! Here is her website: Cee’s Photo Challenges

Prompted by Bloganuary from WordPress: https://bloganuary.wordpress.com/author/mindywoothemes/