Weekly Writing Challenge: Through the Door


So the challenge is to write about what I might see if I walked through my door and came through to the same place at a different time.

What if I walked through to my flat in just a few years time?

I come home, tired from another challenging day at the office. The front door is the same as always, plain light wood with just my number and a letterbox. I walk in but something seems different like I am in someone else’s flat. I walk back out, confused. No it is my flat. OK. The lightshade in the hall is different. More feminine.

I walk through to the living room and throw down my bag. More things have changed. New pictures showing me and my girlfriend doing things we want to do but haven’t yet. The TV has moved and it’s bigger. There are other things here. They belong to my girlfriend. Strange. She has not moved in yet.

The kitchen is the same story and so is the bedroom. The same as before but with more feminine touches. On the wall I notice a well written article has been printed. It is from wordpress and it is written by me. But not yet.

I’m in a future I hope for. A future when my beloved girlfriend has moved in with me. The future of my hopes. I hoped to write something really good here. This is what I produced.