I Hate Photos of Me

(Or do I?)

Daily Prompt: Tables Turned

Are [you] as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing?

I have never been very happy about having my photo taken. I never liked the way I look in them, maybe because I often scowled, poked my tongue out,  looked away or hid my face. Which would  make it hard to take a nice photo of me. Catch 22?

me not photo

I have now met someone that likes taking photos of me for some reason. And she takes a good photo as well. So I have to get used to my picture being taken and I might as well like it. I’m even willingly taking photos of myself and putting them on the internet!


As for being written about I don’t have much experience of that. That I know of. Except for what I have been writing myself on this blog and I’m finding it enjoyable sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences in this way. It does help to process things by writing them down and then maybe re-writing them.

Anyway, I suppose the answer to the question was no but becoming yes. Maybe I like myself more than I used to! 🙂