Vase Photo Study

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  • Snap a photo of something or someone in focus, against a blurred background.
  • Use a camera app to force focus (or blur) in an experimental way.

For this weekly photo task I used a simple glass vase as the focal point and a tin and some fruit as the background. Just items from my living room. As well as focus I experimented with natural light from the window and coloured light from a spotlight. The best camera I have is my Nexus 4 smartphone so I used that.


This is just under natural light. I used Instagram to add some fake focus which left the middle of the vase focused but parts of the vase itself as well as the background looking blurred. Not particularly pleasing but it uses focus.

I experimented with a coloured spotlight and various amounts of natural light with curtains closed or half-open. I used the standard camera app to focus on the vase or Instagram for fake focus and various Instagram filters and some of my own post processing using an open source image editor. The table seems to be most in focus for some reason even though that was not the aim and a couple maybe looking completely out of focus. These are the best of a bunch of these experiments. Some of them ended up pleasing to the eye I think.


This one is perhaps the most pleasing of the Instagram ones. The table ended up looking most in focus but I love the colours and the reflections.

IMG_20130825_092546-colours adjusted

I took this one with the curtains fully open and the coloured spotlight to add to it. I used the standard camera app to focus on the vase and no Instagram which has worked, putting it in focus and most of the scene slightly blurred. I did a little work on the saturation, brightness and contrast on the computer to make it look more natural.

Then I tweaked the colour curves more to enhance and deepen the colours for the final result and I think the best picture of the vase.

IMG_20130825_092546-colours adjusted more

What do you think?