I’m a Health Nut!

Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

“Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?”

I think I have a reputation as a health nut. If the subject of health, fitness or food comes up I normally feel the need to weigh in with my opinion. I got tagged halfway through a facebook thread about healthy eating and felt the need to add a few words. OK more than a few. Here it is from where I got tagged.


Emma: Hazel, talk to Jake Kuyser about this when you next see him…. He’ll willingly join in with you on the diet fizzy drinks issue!

Jake Kuyser: Well I like to say the only healthy drink is water. For a long time it has been known that too much aspartame (nutri-sweet/a sweetener that goes by many names) is bad for you. What is in debate is how much is too much. If you drink less than a large (2ltr) bottle of ‘diet’ drink per day, that is deemed to be unlikely to give you cancer or anything like that.

However. The prevailing medical opinion is that any sweetener can train you to crave sweet things more. When you eat or drink something sweet your brain expects lots of glucose shortly afterwards. When the glucose doesn’t happen it is as if something has gone wrong. So your brain will try to get more sweet things to compensate and get the glucose it needs. Which is why diet drinks might actually make you eat more sugar and put on weight.

The current thinking is that it is too much sugar and refined carbs such as cake, breakfast cereal, cereal bars, biscuits, chocolate, white potatoes, bread etc etc… that are making us all fat, instead of just how much fat we eat and in fact eating too little fat can be bad for you whereas I’m not sure it’s possible to get too little sugar in your diet.

I also know that letting go for a week or so over Christmas and eating all the refined starch and sugar foods I don’t normally eat made me gain 6 pounds in just about 2 weeks.

Melanie: Jake is broadly right. It’s important to remember that Change 4 Life isn’t telling people what a perfect, ideal diet is. The whole point of C4L is targeting people who currently have very unhealthy lifestyles and trying to get them to make the easy swa…See More

Julie: It is a hard one, work with were a person is, small change is acceptable. Still think advertising for new parents makes loads of money for companies.

Melanie: You’re right. There’s a massive industry trying to get people to eat stuff like junk food, fast food, ready meals etc, whilst the budget for marketing carrots, apples, water etc is non-existent.

Jake Kuyser: As for marge or butter, I say neither. Seeing as both were seen to be bad for you I stopped putting any fat spread on my bread about 20 years ago. You can make nice sandwiches without them and I got quite used to not having extra grease with my chicken roll, sliced ham or cheese. Then again, processed meat, cheese and bread might not be great for you either for various reasons and they are all very high in sodium as well. What do you have for lunch if you don’t eat sandwiches? That’s a whole different matter.

Julie: And it has been lovely talking with you all. Thanks…


And the thread continues on without me from there.

The thing is I have read lots about bodybuilding, health and nutrition from books and articles in magazines and online. I did a diploma in fitness and nutrition back in the 90s. I’ve tried some of it out. I’ve eaten carelessly and got fat and unhealthy. I’ve controlled my diet and got lean and healthy. I’ve gained and lost weight. I’ve worked out every day at times. I’ve done little exercise at all in years past. I’m doing a more moderate amount of exercise at the moment.

So I feel like I know something and I want to share. I like helping people. If my advice might guide someone to happiness and wellness then I’m glad to give.